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1212 First Ave, Asbury Park, NJ, 07712.  Tel 732-7751056

Holy Spirit Church 

Sunday Mass Schedule

 8:00 AM in English

10:00 AM in English

11:45 AM in Spanish

1:45 PM in Creole

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Mass Schedule

Daily Mass-Monday-Saturday 7:00 AM in English

Daily Mass Monday-Friday

 9:00 AM in English

Monday Evening Novena Mass 7:00 PM in English



4:00 PM Vigil in English 
7:00 PM Vigil in Spanish


 9:00 AM in English 
11:00 AM in English


Confessions, Saturday

OLMC Church

3:15 PM to 3:45 PM, English

6:00 PM to 6:40 PM, Spanish

Our Lady of Providence Chapel/Parish office.

5:30 PM Wednesday Rosary, Confession, Worship in Creole

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United in Faith, We build On Our Future

Dear Parish Family,

Over the last six years our church began a transition from four parishes into one community.  Four names became one in the new Church of Mother of Mercy Parish. This process has been a challenge and a grace. We have been challenged with the task of bringing together four very different communities, yet we have been graced with the gift of sharing ourselves and our resources to build a better and stronger parish community united in faith.

Presently we have over three thousand registered households. Through the merger of St. Peter Claver, Our Lady of Providence, Holy Spirit Church and Our Lady of Mount Carmel we have a multicultural community from various nations that speak English, Spanish and Creole. Today, we celebrate this diversity and work hard to be one community of faith.

The process of becoming one in diversity takes time, prayer and faith. We are grateful for your patience, support, and your generosity. We have achieved many things that slowly and progressively bring us together. We developed a new Parish Council seeking to have representation from all the communities. Mount Carmel School has a healthy enrollment of two hundred students and our school board is working hard on the integration of all children from different cultural backgrounds
within the parish. Our faith formation CCD program has three hundred forty-two registered children. Together we have organized fundraisers, including a multicultural festival in which all members of the parish are called upon to participate and an annual dance to raise money for the parish. We have established a strong and robust Saint Vincent the Paul Society that works out of the
Saint Peter Claver Center servicing hundreds of people in need within the parish community.

There is so much going on in our parish making the need for collaboration in the mission of Jesus more important as we move closer to Him. It takes Catholics who are committed as Missionary Disciples to support the mission of Jesus and the church. This takes the form of prayer, service and grateful giving through our Sunday offertory collection. Please join me as we continue our journey to grow in faith and make a new and generous response to

commitment to increase our weekly offertory

through to the Increased Offertory Program for

The Church of Mother of Mercy.

May God bless you for your generosity and for

sharing in the mission of Jesus and of the church

here at Mother of Mercy parish.

Fr. Miguel Virella SVD, Pastor

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We are a multicultural Roman Catholic Community responding to the call of Christ.  As disciples of Christ led by the Spirit, we are continuously striving to create a Christian Community that welcomes and accepts all people. We hold all life sacred and live out our discipleship as faithful stewards of our time, talent, and treasure so that enlightened by God's Word and nourished by the Eucharist we may labor tirelessly to make God's Kingdom visibly present among us.

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